21 Great Writing Quotes

Happy weekend everyone! It's time to pick up those pens and let it flow!  Please feel free to add to the comments any writing advise or quotes that have inspired you!


















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Now Get To It!

Blogging in the moonlight

Well here it is almost 11:30 PM and I’m just now catching up on email, Facebook, Twitter and of course my blogs. You see after having almost a month off from work (as I was in between jobs) today marked a fresh start at a new company and with that jump back on to the merry-go-round comes long days and long commutes.

The day went well; the company is very nice and appears to be kind, fair and possibly even generous with its employees. I’m temping right now and they’re kind to me as well. And I’m paid more at this job than the last so I’m headed in the right direction. It’s all good with one exception.

The new love of my life, this new addiction to blogging, writing, learning about valuable content, networking, social media optimization and analytics will now have to take a backseat to the unfortunate reality of my day job. So moonlighting it is. Short post today. When I get back in the swing of things hopefully by God’s blessing I will keep this passion going.

I’m sure many of you can relate deeply to not having the opportunity to be able to make your first love your daily love so no better people to share with then my fellow bloggers.

Please feel free to share your stories or offer suggestions of how to squeeze in some writing in the middle of your work day!

Blessings to you all!

68 Ultimate Blogging Tips (via Pauline Cabrera of TwelveSkip)

As a newbie to the blogging thing, I scour the web looking for insights on how best to blog, what to blog about and when and how.  This Post by Pauline Cabrera of TwelveSkip (that’s also a Pin) is quite comprehensive – I mean 68 tips – that’s amazing, so I’m adding it here for my review later and for yours!  😉

Thank you to Pauline Cabrera for sharing her wisdom with us!



Into the deep – exploring writing, blogging, branding …

links to inspiring and informational sites for
overcoming writer’s block, finding inspiration; writing software and apps and online presence and personal branding.

EveryWritersResource.com – Inspiration for Writers – 11 cool sites

 – How to overcome writer’s block – 14 tricks that work by Jeff Goins

Ommwriter Dana
– Writing environment for Mac, PC, IPad

– Notegraphy is a completely new experience of writing and sharing text in your social networks.

Wikihow – Freewrite
 – This exercise is used by writers to gather their thoughts and ideas before they begin a document, with the result being an endless, non-punctuated, and free-flowing paragraph that’ll be immensely helpful in the preliminary writing process.

Twelveskip.com – 68 best blogging tips – Bloggers Checklist 2014

Rochellemoulton.com – Be Unforgettable – Personal Brand Strategies

Writetodone.com  – 3 Habits that Separate Good Writers from Tragic Wannabes

Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg

I absolutely love this empowering little book – I found it at the thrift store and it was my inspiration for picking up the pen again after more than 30 years; I owe this blog to this book. Thank you Natalie Goldberg for this enthusiastic, humorous, insightful, instructional and motiving little gem of a book.

For more than twenty years Natalie Goldberg has been challenging and cheering on writers with her books and workshops. In her groundbreaking first book, she brings together Zen meditation and writing in a new way. Writing practice, as she calls it, is no different from other forms of Zen practice —”it is backed by two thousand years of studying the mind.”

This new edition, which marks almost twenty years since the original book’s publication, includes a new preface in which Goldberg expresses her trademark enthusiasm for writing practice, as well as a depth of appreciation for the process that has come with time and experience. Also included is an interview with the author in which she reflects on the relationship between Zen sitting practice and writing, the importance of place, and the power of memory.

Writing Down The Bones on Amazon.com

In the words of Van Gogh

I’m a little late to the Van Gogh party, only yesterday stumbling upon his genius, not even so much as a painter but as a person; a kindred spirit.  I watched the video below and am dumbfounded by the genius and soul of Van Gogh and his writing, as with his heart, so pure, so innocent and able to capture in words and paint a world not so generous to him.

I hope you enjoy “Van Gogh – in his own words” as much as I did.  This is his biography but his elegant, insightful words are sprinkled throughout and I’m mesmerized by them.

The Duel of the Poet

Staring at a blank paper for hours at a time.
I search over and over the spaces of my mind
trying desperately to find the right words to unleash upon the world.

My mind wanders through courtyards, down back alleys  – my imagination flies over majestic mountains and moonlit streams.
I am jotting down words and phrases
in an unorganized jumble that is my mind across the page.

Disgusted with frustration for this process that eludes me, I crumple the paper discarding it with the rest in an overflowing basket in the corner;
words, ideas, thoughts once again overtake my mind and
slowly, with great care, out of the jumble I pick a choice few and
jot them down again only to scrap these fakers once again.

Lastly, after my forced wit and imagination have run dry,
after I’ve given up the effort to maintain logic and cadence to written emotions that long to be free,  I abandon control,
wrung out and exhausted from the tussle now finally willing
to allow my feelings to gracefully pen themselves
with liquid stealth across my once blank and foreboding page.