Compliance and Conformity

In a world so obsessed with convention and conformity my once childhood friend sought escape and she ran to freedom, drilling through numb crowds, searing streets and the endless mind-numbing congestion. Though she knew not where she was going or how to find where she belonged, the need to be was so great that it propelled her on. And I, I watched, rooted to the ground that held our playful days but my eyes free to roam tried desperately to hold her back– pin her down, bring her home and make her mine once again. To no avail- she disappeared but never the longing left my heart.

Years passed, decades passed – day upon day, each marking a step older, wiser maybe – so much overgrowth collected over the years needing to be pruned to blend in and prosper- and I am grown, having beaten down that well worn path taken by so many.

I think of my beloved lost friend often, my ever young little gnome and occasionally I even think I catch a glimpse – a playful smile as I pass the mirror, a rolling laugh, cloud animals passing in a lazy summer sky, distant rumblings of giants bowling over head or days when the fairies just barely skip around a dancing flower to hide before I catch glimpse.

Time to remember childhood forts, empty boxes and oh the places we would go in a seemingly never-ending plethora of adventures and dreams.

One day, this day we will reunite – a reunion years in the making – though she’s not changed at all a virtual Peter Pan and I need her to restore me and she comes finally home as I close my eyes and open my mind and let us dance freely – my lost imagination returned finally to me. And we shall explore this world together, never apart again as I’m only a withered version of myself without her – the light of my soul and my heart given to me so blessedly by my Father as a perpetual way to enjoy all life has to offer and the world lays out before us – bright, shining and free from compliance and conformity.