epic novel

OMG – how did I live without these!

Found this on www.buzzfeed.com.  I’m a big visual person so these are even more helpful for me.

I know this stuff isn’t typical blog fare as I usually prefer blogging for deeper meaning than this but I found it so useful, I am passing it along…and on #10 re: steaks – I love, love, love steak (hubby BBQs a great one) but I have no idea what that chart means, if anyone cares to interpret for me, I’d greatly appreciate it!

The link is below but for your convenience I’ve also pasted in the diagrams.

Take special note of 15 and 21 which are particularly relevant to us creative types!

21 Incredibly Important Diagrams to Help You Get Through Life

  1. Perfect cup of tea
  2. Tie a scarf
  3. Set a dinner party table properly (dang it’s confusing!)
    dinner party
  4. Perfect burger even if you’re vegan
  5. Which beer glass to use
    beer glass
  6. Ripeness of an avocado
  7. Perfect cheese plate
    cheese plate
  8. How to Tip correctly
  9. Tie a perfect bow
    perfect bow
  10. Know when a steak is done by touch (I have no idea what this thing is telling me!)
  11. How to transform a “hoodie” or sweater into an emergency laptop sleeve (who knew?)
  12. How much of what types of food to serve at a party
    serve at dinner party
  13. How to tie a bow tie
    bow tie
  14. Converting measurements in cooking
    cooking measurements
  15. How to determine the characters for that epic novel (we’re all writing)
    epic tale
  16. Determine which glue for a project
  17. When to throw groceries out
  18. How long to cooke veggies
  19. How dehydrated are you?
  20. How to be a creative person
  21. Determine which wine to drink with dinner (um, for me the answer is always beer!  😉