David Dunning

Jimmy Kimmel Strikes Again – “We’re All Confident Idiots”, here’s why…

Stumbled upon this curious article by David Dunning, a Professor of Psychology at Cornell University, for PSMag.com entitled  – “We Are All Confident Idiots“.  I’ve heard of “fake it till you make it”, which I may even be guilty of in my blogging – I’m certainly not sure of myself but try to sound like I am,  but this takes it to a whole new level of flat out WRONG!

Fun is what you’d  expect from anything with Jimmy Kimmel’s name associated with it but included with the humor is the serious psychology behind the phenomenon.

And I find that psychology of human character very fascinating, but in case you don’t have time (it is Halloween after all and I’m sure we’re all scurrying around with last minute details), I’ve pasted some of Jimmy’s “Lie Witness News” videos below.

The SXSW Edition is amazing in their blatant use of fake band names (keep in mind NONE of these bands exist) – Contact Dermatitis, WTF Bruce Jenner, Willie Nelson Mandela, really?  – we couldn’t figure those out?  And Clinton gets way more credit than he deserves no matter which side of the political divide you’re on!

I think this proves as humans, we all just like to have the answers, even if we don’t.  We are, I think, all guilty of this from time to time – it’s just a matter of degree and the frequency of occurrences.  Special thanks to those poor, unsuspecting interviewees for allowing us a chuckle at their expense.

Enjoy – Happy Halloween!

LIE WITNESS NEWS – Clinton Edition