How to find the important answers yourself…amazingly convenient

Never quite thought of this so literally before but there is great truth and tremendous value for me in this article, as even though I have a relentless pursuit within myself to improve, I often look for validation externally; this wonderful article, “You already have the answers: why you should ask yourself for advice” by Yvonne Doherty shared via @elitedaily reminds us that we likely already have our own answers if we just ask ourselves the questions.

Life Hacks – make your life easier!

You can’t go wrong with “Life Hacks” so I’ve got to share them!  For those “Naked and Afraid” followers (like my hubby), the above picture is exceptionally funny – bring your fire starter and your Doritos!

I’m well old enough to be out of the pimple stage but if you’re a youngster, Listerine on a pimple should dry that sucker up; for us old folks, take a picture of where you parked your car before you head into the mall so 5 hours later (if you have teenage girls!), you’ll be able to find your car!

Oh, and the empty ChapStick container as a hiding place for money is pretty cool, but now everyone knows that trick so oh well –  it was good while it lasted!  Wink. Wink.

The rest of the fun tips from (always a great distraction site) are here.

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