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My eyes are hardly open too tired to remain in the glaring light of day.  They close the curtains, sleep to come soon as my fragile uncertain countenance treades upon its measured day. 

I am not wanted, but do I want?  Can there be one without the other? Desire, does it have even a flicker within me?  Does this rendition of me even remember how to whisper what I long  for?  The words of longing, those earstwhile breaths of desire always dry brittle in my mouth. 

I drift to sleep…what dreams may come sowing their feathery light seeds of longing and need. What day to wake to… What desires will precede me into the dawn’s newly minted morn?  Reflection in the evening bears hope to a steadfast new day. It is here. So am I. I feel not wanted, do I want?


The morn broke early. The sky painted grey yet with hints of blossoming to come in the glorious light rays. As I hurry passed the mirror on my well worn morning jaunt I glimpse a shadowed  echo of the essence of my being, afraid to be caught.  Its existence reminds me of the exiled in my life, the ones in the shadows pushed to the sidelines forced by  fears of potential strife. I am wanted, but do I want?

Blogging #meLOL

Hi friends, as I skim through all the social media sites trying to learn blogging, analytics, social media networking, content and apps, I find so many great articles that I want to pass along but as this is a blogging site, I don’t want to clutter it up with just links as I find them.

So, if you’d like, I can be followed on Twitter @crquider and going forward I will try to tag all my posts with great blogging information and tips and tricks with #meLOL so they are easy to find.



21 Great Writing Quotes

Happy weekend everyone! It's time to pick up those pens and let it flow!  Please feel free to add to the comments any writing advise or quotes that have inspired you!


















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sleep thoreau



Now Get To It!

The Lovers March to Eternity

There is so much fire burning within, smoldering wishes for love’s life to begin.

Life again as it was when I was young with our free hearts of passion entwining as one; experiencing the world joined together – souls lit with the promise of plenty forever – an imaginative history created before it begins, these are the things that young hearts believe in.

The embers lost daily to life’s routine this poem starts from loss, sorrow; misplaced dreams.

There is much to be said for the commitment and respect, for the sanctity of marriage so as not to regret, but if you find yourself lost then you must start again and remember what passions were in you as life began.

And then you have no choice for you must decide to take the path well worn and traveled or challenge the ride. I’m not sure what I have in me, the strength or the hope to make my dreams be in this swirling of smoke- it burns, burns my eyes, burdens my soul, weighs me down into restraining control.

I must find again the desire, the longing, the belief; passion and fortitude within me I seek, vulnerability held gently as I fight to hold on. I ask, dare I bask in the prosperous riches of risk -to begin again though I’m still lost in the mist.

Though the scars of careless openness still hang weary on my soul, I remain determined, steadfast and bold.

Still vigilantly marching upon the sublime dogged foes, the constant companions of the “average Joes”, they will have to be sacrificed for my love to be free, they will have to be sacrificed for me to be me.

I will find what I live for!  Valiant, golden and bright! … for I am, forever my Father’s delight.

And with His constant direction of warmth and hope, together my love and I will march to the end of the road; where I’ll look upon your face and thank Heaven above for His unending support of our perilous love.


Great WordPress Article re: WordPress Mistakes

I certainly know I’m guilty of some of these. Great article by Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas) a master blogger, author and social media master.  The link to the full article, well worth the read, is below as are the bullet points.

“The 15 most common WordPress mistakes to avoid”

  1. Choosing the wrong platform
  2. Forgetting to change the default admin username
  3. Using an inappropriate or defective theme
  4. Staying with the default tagline “just another blog”
  5. Using the default favicon
  6. Complicated categories & tags (this one may be me!)
  7. Using the default permalink structure
  8. Not having a contact form
  9. Forgetting to install a caching plug-in
  10. Forgetting to create a back-up
  11. Ignoring WordPress updates
  12. Not using Google Analytics
  13. Making life difficult for mobile users
  14. Ignoring Gravatar & Google authorship markup
  15. Ignoring image optimization

68 Ultimate Blogging Tips (via Pauline Cabrera of TwelveSkip)

As a newbie to the blogging thing, I scour the web looking for insights on how best to blog, what to blog about and when and how.  This Post by Pauline Cabrera of TwelveSkip (that’s also a Pin) is quite comprehensive – I mean 68 tips – that’s amazing, so I’m adding it here for my review later and for yours!  😉

Thank you to Pauline Cabrera for sharing her wisdom with us!