Great WordPress Article re: WordPress Mistakes

I certainly know I’m guilty of some of these. Great article by Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas) a master blogger, author and social media master.  The link to the full article, well worth the read, is below as are the bullet points.

“The 15 most common WordPress mistakes to avoid”

  1. Choosing the wrong platform
  2. Forgetting to change the default admin username
  3. Using an inappropriate or defective theme
  4. Staying with the default tagline “just another blog”
  5. Using the default favicon
  6. Complicated categories & tags (this one may be me!)
  7. Using the default permalink structure
  8. Not having a contact form
  9. Forgetting to install a caching plug-in
  10. Forgetting to create a back-up
  11. Ignoring WordPress updates
  12. Not using Google Analytics
  13. Making life difficult for mobile users
  14. Ignoring Gravatar & Google authorship markup
  15. Ignoring image optimization