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Hi friends, as I skim through all the social media sites trying to learn blogging, analytics, social media networking, content and apps, I find so many great articles that I want to pass along but as this is a blogging site, I don’t want to clutter it up with just links as I find them.

So, if you’d like, I can be followed on Twitter @crquider and going forward I will try to tag all my posts with great blogging information and tips and tricks with #meLOL so they are easy to find.



Jimmy Kimmel National FB Unfriend Day

Too funny not to share everywhere, so in case you haven’t seen it (which apparently in years passed, I have not); here’s a good laugh for you – I”m guilty of so many I hope I have FB friends come 11/18!



And historically, where it started with Jimmy, here!  I’ve always loved William Shatner.


Great WordPress Article re: WordPress Mistakes

I certainly know I’m guilty of some of these. Great article by Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas) a master blogger, author and social media master.  The link to the full article, well worth the read, is below as are the bullet points.

“The 15 most common WordPress mistakes to avoid”

  1. Choosing the wrong platform
  2. Forgetting to change the default admin username
  3. Using an inappropriate or defective theme
  4. Staying with the default tagline “just another blog”
  5. Using the default favicon
  6. Complicated categories & tags (this one may be me!)
  7. Using the default permalink structure
  8. Not having a contact form
  9. Forgetting to install a caching plug-in
  10. Forgetting to create a back-up
  11. Ignoring WordPress updates
  12. Not using Google Analytics
  13. Making life difficult for mobile users
  14. Ignoring Gravatar & Google authorship markup
  15. Ignoring image optimization

Small Bites: “How To Avoid Being Boring On Twitter”

Really enjoyed this post aiming to rid Twitter of sad sack boring posting!

The Golden Age of Executive Assistants

All I can say is “it’s about time!”, thank you Sanjena SathianOZY via usatoday.comfor writing this lovely article, “Executive Assistant Is The New Power Job”.

If you’re an EA or an AA, you’ve known for a long time the supportive super power that is required to consistently be one step ahead of your boss’s needs regardless of their neglecting to leave a breadcrumb trail to what their needs may be.

Assistants (of all types) are the mind readers, those with the keenest intuition, able to pick up the smallest non-verbal signals and able to place them in their perfect puzzle piece spot in the myriad of priority options, the exacting placement of which is required to ensure our bosses are properly handled and deadlines met timely.

Executive Assistants are also the gate keepers with enough overall knowledge of the company to know which seekers in the never-ending string of people they should let through the pearly gates to the Exec’s door and which get the “take a ticket” and get in line reception. Along with that, they have the diplomacy and graceful communication skills to ensure everyone believes the boss cares immensely for their issue at hand.

The value of these dedicated and talented employees has been around for a long time so I’m thankful to hear that finally, maybe they are getting their due.

Because of my extensive experience (read that to be my subtle way of saying “youth” is not my niche these days) I would like to add that though the youngsters have drive and determination and maybe boundless stamina, mid to older EAs, in addition to that, bring with them (generally) higher EQs and overall more business and market knowledge; so please in your search for the best fit EA keep in mind old dogs can learn the new tricks of the younger app happy, Internet savvy Social Media Mavens. (Enjoyable also is the article by Teresa Mears entitled, “Why You’re Never Too Old to Become a Social Media Maven” )

One of this field’s greatest enticements is the ability for the EA or AA to transfer their experience and knowledge from one market to another. I’ve worked in the technology fields even before they were booming, sales, marketing, publishing, non-profit, construction, insurance, legal and am now, for my freelance business also writing, blogging and utilizing SEO – in all of these markets an EA/AA picks up something along the way that is beneficial to the next employer and with that your EQ rises as well, those intangibles only grow.

Whether you are a young EA starting out and lighting the world on fire with a fresh top of the line education, IQ/EQ, boundless enthusiasm and drive or you’re an older EA gracing businesses with your carpetbag of diverse experience not only in business practices but in the gentle art of human care that can only come with experience and time – you are in a field that is booming and finally getting the recognition it has always deserved.

shared via Charlotte Quider on LinkedIn (

Are you a productivity addict…the spooky secret to success hauntingly awaits

I can spend hours exploring the Internet when I should be doing other things (like getting out of my PJs, maybe?) and I stumbled upon this post that I found intriguing and possibly lifestyle change provoking – and I too, have read much of  David Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done” – at the time, I didn’t feel like I had the focus of mind to glean the concepts from the book necessary for it to have any measure of success on me  – a challenge I’m sure we all face, at least I hope it’s not just me!  😉

The “spooky secret” post (a little Halloween fun) impresses upon us the difficulty we all already know is there in making large changes or approaching daunting tasks, where just possibly getting into the habit of breaking down the overwhelmingly big resolutions (I’m going to start a blog, write a book, open my own business, learn to play piano and the ever-present… exercise more, eat better, lose weight, reduce stress…maniacal laugh!) into vampire bite (keeping with the them) sized habits like brushing your teeth, making the bed, etc. that are so ingrained that we do not have to think about them.  Of course, that still takes practice but is not an insurmountable task.

I will let the rest of her article stand on it’s own as it has plenty of worthy content.  I hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts, is she onto something…

I also like +Hashim Warren’s comment at the end of the article on Google+, where he suggests “clarity” is also a likely culprit in the productivity issue and I know distinctly that is one of mine even as I try to determine what, if any, particular focus my own blog should have.  #indistinctivesucks  😦

Without further fanfare, please enjoy the article, “The Surprising Spooky Secret to Enduring Success Habits” compliments of @soniasimone via @copyblogger (Google+)


Instagram Strategies from Peg Fitzpatrick

To be honest, I’d looked at Instagram as a little fluffy photo app for the college students to post pics on of food, parties and occasionally if we were lucky at least some scenic photography.  It wasn’t until I read Peg Fitzpatrick’s post that I realized the little app’s potential.

From the article…of which you can find the full post of here.  Thank you to @pegfitzpatrick for enlightening me!

Are you still under the impression that Instagram is just for selfies and food photos? While those do exist, savvy people are killing it on Instagram by connecting on this fun and fast social network. It’s time for you to create an achievable strategy for your Instagram account. Without a strategy, you’re just posting selfies and food pics, right?

Here are the main reasons you should create an Instagram strategy:

Build brand awareness. Letting people into your private world or seeing behind the scenes at your hot startup builds trust.

Stop selling. Social media isn’t about selling it’s about building a network and yes, you will share your products but it’s not a hard sell every day.

Create a fan base by creating a consistent presence.

Join mobile nation! Everyone and their grandma has a smartphone – join the millions of people on Instagram and connect with a new social community.

3c54cde1eaea9a6227fe272c64390a9cMEET PEG FITZPATRICK!

Co-author of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users •  I am a writer, positive vibe producer, a social media butterfly and connector.; @pegfitzpatrick

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