Life is odd

Difficult or outright bad bosses, read on!

So, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my share of them, maybe that’s why bloggers try to make a living blogging – to escape the corporate world of small cubicles, broken office equipment, office politics, confinement, that one weird employee and bad bosses.

I found two great articles in one day, actually less than 15 minutes apart…

is it “Bad Boss’s Day”?  #horriblebosses2

Both of these are great articles..

The first by Amy Rees Anderson a contributor for @Forbes; her article is entitled, “How a Bad Boss Can Make You Sick” and it focusses on noticing the physical stress and health risks of the noted 77% of employees who experience physical symptoms from bad bosses.  That’s staggeringly sad. Three (3) out of (4) employees report that their boss is the worst part of their job and they’d rather give up a raise for a new boss.  I can relate and if interested, I’ve detailed some of my boss trauma below.

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The second article is by Liz Ryan of @humanworkplace   I just adore Liz, she has written so many amazing Human Resource articles that if you’re working in any corporate situation, I’d recommend you follow her or review her website (human  Everything from “How to Fix Your Manager to articles for job seekers or anyone needing HR advice.  And note in the article, “fixing your boss” is really more about “understanding your boss” and when it’s time to give grace or move on.

I have had bosses and work situations that literally made me so anxious I would panic on the drive in to work.  Not even horrible things like discrimination, safety issues or sexual harassment; though when I was younger, much younger, before sexual harassment was a “thing”, I had a boss that told me my butt looked so good in my jeans (and he really thought that was a compliment) that he offered me up as payment to the UPS man; jokingly of course, but really? and though I was uncomfortable (I was like 19), I had no idea that was just wrong.

…and my worst case of sexual harrasement was when we had a new President for our company come in (and sorry, he looked like an old frog) and he, we gals sadly discovered, had a penchant for blatantly kissing the young office girls.  I was able to steer clear of him for quite some time but then as a reward for a job well done (ugh), they promoted me to his Assistant and gave me a desk just outside his office, a desk I tried never to sit at.  I made it a point to only deliver his mail, etc. when he wasn’t in the office, thinking that not being in his office with him would be my safest route.  Well, I was wrong, it didn’t matter, during a meeting with another man present (of authority and who I thought was a nice guy) ole’ frog lips grabbed my face before I knew what was happening and planted a kiss on my lips – he was an old Italian fresh over from Italy, don’t know if maybe there they thought that was OK as he surely didn’t seem to realize this behavior was not OK.  In any case, no one in authority (and many people knew of his constant and far reaching abuse) ever spoke a word about it. That was in the early 80s before it was really recognized or given much concern; and we girls were young and didn’t know how to respond or who to respond to when the authority folks already knew and didn’t do anything. In hindsight, I think they just wanted to keep their jobs.  It’s funny, but it was only a few months ago in discussing this type of thing with a friend, that I realized I had been sexually harassed and a number of times long ago.  Anyway, those are, though difficult, pretty clear cut cases that HR will handle for you.

The other kind of insidious negative boss behavior I think is almost worse because it’s just human behavior, just a boss who doesn’t care to be on his/her best behavior.  Its that slow drip of disdain or disrespect that bosses can inflict upon their employees, that “kick the dog” behavior because the dog cannot fight back.  Dare I say, I despise bosses that take advantage in any way of their authority over you, but I think most of them are just human and either untrained in management or just have low social IQs, which is the gist of Liz’s article.  Bosses are human, they have frailties and insecurities and sometimes we unwittingly walk right into those.

The list could go on and on – so many uninformed, untrained, misguided, authority hungry, insecure bosses out there and we have to learn to deal with them, but there is also a time to move on.  With all this negativity let me also share that I’ve had one boss in particular, who really sincerely walked the walk of a leader, he was my greatest joy and a wonderful mentor and we’re still FB friends – good ones are out there but can be hard to find.

Having said all that, I start a new job on Wednesday!  Fingers crossed that this role of the dice brings me a seasoned veteran of socially savvy, ethical boss stock!  Sadly, blogging will now have to be my “moonlighting” activity.

Some fun links below and if you’ve had some particularly interesting boss interactions, feel free to share them in the comments, I’d love to hear other’s survival techniques!  🙂

Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses2 (link starts with a trailer, so speakers off if you’re at work!) hits theaters November 26th

and there is always this classic, one of my favorites, Office Space.  (Speakers off if you’re at work!), naughty, naughty employee!


Jimmy Kimmel Strikes Again – “We’re All Confident Idiots”, here’s why…

Stumbled upon this curious article by David Dunning, a Professor of Psychology at Cornell University, for entitled  – “We Are All Confident Idiots“.  I’ve heard of “fake it till you make it”, which I may even be guilty of in my blogging – I’m certainly not sure of myself but try to sound like I am,  but this takes it to a whole new level of flat out WRONG!

Fun is what you’d  expect from anything with Jimmy Kimmel’s name associated with it but included with the humor is the serious psychology behind the phenomenon.

And I find that psychology of human character very fascinating, but in case you don’t have time (it is Halloween after all and I’m sure we’re all scurrying around with last minute details), I’ve pasted some of Jimmy’s “Lie Witness News” videos below.

The SXSW Edition is amazing in their blatant use of fake band names (keep in mind NONE of these bands exist) – Contact Dermatitis, WTF Bruce Jenner, Willie Nelson Mandela, really?  – we couldn’t figure those out?  And Clinton gets way more credit than he deserves no matter which side of the political divide you’re on!

I think this proves as humans, we all just like to have the answers, even if we don’t.  We are, I think, all guilty of this from time to time – it’s just a matter of degree and the frequency of occurrences.  Special thanks to those poor, unsuspecting interviewees for allowing us a chuckle at their expense.

Enjoy – Happy Halloween!

LIE WITNESS NEWS – Clinton Edition

SCORE ONE FOR THE LADIES – the art of brewing beer was pioneered by women

Came across this while doing some internet research for topics I’m passionate about.
The full article on Huffington Post is available here and is well worth the read.



Excerpt from the article… “Yes, the manliest man drink for manly men was primarily brewed, according to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, by the ladies. Brewing beer was seen as a domestic chore for much of history, like making bread and other things that came from grain, until the economy shifted into an industrial-based one and commercial breweries (run by men) took off. As a sad side effect, unique regional brews died out as large-scale production limited available varieties of beer.

There’s even a word, likely originating during the 12th century, for female brewers: “brewster.”

e-cigarettes and the lost art of smoking (aka: how do you smoke a flashlight)

So, I went with a friend to check out my first e-cigarette store; her idea.

I smoked for 15 years, started when I was 15 and didn’t quit till after the birth of my daughter, two years after to be exact (can’t say I’m proud of that).  It was a horrible withdrawal process to go through and to be honest I’m not sure I breathe any better now than I did then.  I’ve got allergies and asthma and live in Sacramento – the dust bowl of bad air.

Over the years, on a good day, I’ve been able to enjoy a cigar with my husband and a nice glass of port – such a lovely combination especially with dark chocolate but over the last couple of years my asthma just won’t allow me near anything smokey and I’ve not had the taste of a cigarette in my mouth for almost 20 years.

My girlfriend, God love her, she’s the free spirit that I long to be, decided randomly after we were out for a drink to stop by the new local e-cigarrette store and my God how things have changed.  I’m a purist, I like my whiskey neat, my beer straight from the bottle and my steak hearty with potatoes and I used to love my Marlboro’s or Camels without filters if I was really wanting a rot-gut taste.

E-cigarette’s are a whole new really weird world.  They come in flavors, flavors!  What’s up with that and they’re run by flashlight batteries.   We tasted everything.  I started with give me the plain ole’ tobacco smoke, first time that taste has touched my tongue in 15+ years and I was really nervous – not sure if my addiction (I LOVED smoking) would come back from just the taste, but it didn’t – and the tobacco smoke from the e-cigarette was kind of like wine tasting.  My tobacco had a slight carmel flavor even though it was mild. I felt like each taste deserved some write up in a connoisseur magazine – this has a full bodied fruit forward taste with a vanilla undertone.  All those adjectives for all those wines are so readily available for e-cigarettes.  They had like key lime pie, watermelon, cinnamon, carmel corn, what’s the world coming to – oh, and chocolate, I did try that one and coffee – and all of this from a little mag light looking component with a vile and a tip to smoke from.

So not for me; and so science fiction in my world.   It seems to be the rave these days and my girlfriend bought the whole shebang with the flashlight type power source, crystal tube for inputting whatever flavor you cared to have and four different vials of flavored smokable substances.

I just don’t get it; I’m too old school I supposel (I’m 51) but it sure was a blast to have 30+ vials of flavored misty vapor laid out before us like a smorgasboard  of ice cream flavors.  And, I’m so thankful that my tongue didn’t enjoy the memory lane trip of being covered in a smoke like film coating that even a toothpaste scrub never quite cleans – yea to still not desiring to smoke after a banner day of trying so many random flavors!  And a special thank you to the store owner on Sutter Street who indulged us with trying absolutely everything.

Once small bucket list test passed with flying colors!  No desire to smoke, not tobacco or fruity tasting, mag light lit flavors.  Amen to that!  🙂

Technology Overdose

It’s hard to imagine that there ever was a time when we didn’t have technology attached to every single thing we do, and I gotta wonder if maybe we weren’t a little better off.

It’s Saturday morning and I was greeted with technologies issues before I even got my morning tea.

We have Directv, which I got because Comcast got so expensive and I wanted the NFL Sunday Ticket; which got too expensive so now we don’t have it, but of course, Directv is giving it away free to new customers – us loyal customers get squat.

Anyway, we’ve got Directv but Comcast cable for our internet and recently we received a bright shiny new modem from Comcast and since then our internet worked like crap, so I called the nice young man at Comcast to help.  Turns out if you have your own router (we’ve got an Apple Airport) you don’t need the router that now comes turned on automatically in the new Comcast modem – so my poor system was confused by the multiple networks and therefore would daily give up and quit; can’t say I blame it!  The nice young man at Comcast disconnected the offending internal router and we were up with our internet running again.   Round one goes to us.

While solving that problem the nice young man, said “you know for $3 more a month, you can get Xfinity Blast to make your internet connection faster AND you can get a free cable box that will allow you to watch both Comcast (including HBO and Showtime – swoon) and Directv”.   Well, OK – so here we are Saturday morning and Rob’s trying to hook the darn thing up; in the mix we’ve got an audio receiver, Directv box, Directv Cinema Connection Kit, Direct TV Power Inserter, Apple TV, DVR and DVD/Blueray player and we’re adding a Comcast cable box – we’re dying here.  We started at 9:30am and it’s now 2pm and we’re dug deeper into the technology hole than before we started, having had the Directv tell me my network password is wrong – it’s not – and then losing color to the TV, we’ve amassed a plethora of random issues on our way to fixing what we “broke” in trying to fix our Directv connection – we finally have succeeded in getting our wireless network to be recognized by our Directv and sadly enough that’s a big win.  Round 2 goes to us.

Next step is trying to complete our original mission of connecting the free Comcast cable box and figuring out what that even gets us – 2:30, still going.  Rob is like permanently horizontal behind the TV console, the good news, we’ve finally vacuumed behind the TV and all the TV equipment.

OK, 2:45pm and he’s got the Comcast box set up and it’s running through it’s start up – fingers crossed… Round 3 goes to technology, error message.

Comcast is scheduled to come by tomorrow … to be continued … we will win the fight.