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So much drama…

It’s been a cluttery day, filled with work drama. I’m finally home snuggled into my nest on the couch, though not totally discombobulated, I needed the sit down.  Watching CNN trying to get the day’s news; I guess some new Trump book dropped today, at least some commentary, enough to get everyone buzzing.  I’m so anti-Trump so am fine with whatever take-down comes his way but on the heels of “real-life” drama, the news drama, the Trump drama is just too much today.  We’re in a drama filled world, it wasn’t until I was chatting (long overdue chat) with may Dad (least drama person there is) that I got the name for all the exhaustion I’ve been feeling; it’s the overwhelmed drama everywhere exhaustion.  Thankful to have a name to my nemesis, my daily nemesis.  It occurs to me, as I discussed with my Dad that I must be some level of a drama person in that I’ve not left the dramatic work situation that’s dragged on for well over a year.  I don’t like the drama and chaos but it occurs to me that a truly non- dramatic person would have just left long ago.  Lessons I’m learning, maybe I need to be more vigilant in keeping outward drama whether work, relationships or TV news a little more at arms length.

Blogging #meLOL

Hi friends, as I skim through all the social media sites trying to learn blogging, analytics, social media networking, content and apps, I find so many great articles that I want to pass along but as this is a blogging site, I don’t want to clutter it up with just links as I find them.

So, if you’d like, I can be followed on Twitter @crquider and going forward I will try to tag all my posts with great blogging information and tips and tricks with #meLOL so they are easy to find.



Jimmy Kimmel National FB Unfriend Day

Too funny not to share everywhere, so in case you haven’t seen it (which apparently in years passed, I have not); here’s a good laugh for you – I”m guilty of so many I hope I have FB friends come 11/18!



And historically, where it started with Jimmy, here!  I’ve always loved William Shatner.


Great WordPress Article re: WordPress Mistakes

I certainly know I’m guilty of some of these. Great article by Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas) a master blogger, author and social media master.  The link to the full article, well worth the read, is below as are the bullet points.

“The 15 most common WordPress mistakes to avoid”

  1. Choosing the wrong platform
  2. Forgetting to change the default admin username
  3. Using an inappropriate or defective theme
  4. Staying with the default tagline “just another blog”
  5. Using the default favicon
  6. Complicated categories & tags (this one may be me!)
  7. Using the default permalink structure
  8. Not having a contact form
  9. Forgetting to install a caching plug-in
  10. Forgetting to create a back-up
  11. Ignoring WordPress updates
  12. Not using Google Analytics
  13. Making life difficult for mobile users
  14. Ignoring Gravatar & Google authorship markup
  15. Ignoring image optimization

Must Read: The 10 Commandments of Twitter

Since we all know the importance of using Twitter to market or drive traffic to our blogs, below is a link to a great list of Twitter “Do’s” – brought to you by (@jeffbullas).

“The real power of Twitter is that you can build a follower base that allows you to share a focused stream of content that adds value to your followers daily lives.” – Jeff Bullas

and since we bloggers live to add value to the lives of others, I thought this to be a very informative article to read.


The Quick List without the detail is below

  • Write a meaningful bio
  • Have a link
  • Be focused
  • Automate where appropriate
  • Do not neglect Twitter
  • Use Hashtags
  • Manage with a tool
  • Brand with your Twitter account
  • Use Twitter sharing and subscribe buttons on your blog
  • write the best headline you can




OMG – how did I live without these!

Found this on  I’m a big visual person so these are even more helpful for me.

I know this stuff isn’t typical blog fare as I usually prefer blogging for deeper meaning than this but I found it so useful, I am passing it along…and on #10 re: steaks – I love, love, love steak (hubby BBQs a great one) but I have no idea what that chart means, if anyone cares to interpret for me, I’d greatly appreciate it!

The link is below but for your convenience I’ve also pasted in the diagrams.

Take special note of 15 and 21 which are particularly relevant to us creative types!

21 Incredibly Important Diagrams to Help You Get Through Life

  1. Perfect cup of tea
  2. Tie a scarf
  3. Set a dinner party table properly (dang it’s confusing!)
    dinner party
  4. Perfect burger even if you’re vegan
  5. Which beer glass to use
    beer glass
  6. Ripeness of an avocado
  7. Perfect cheese plate
    cheese plate
  8. How to Tip correctly
  9. Tie a perfect bow
    perfect bow
  10. Know when a steak is done by touch (I have no idea what this thing is telling me!)
  11. How to transform a “hoodie” or sweater into an emergency laptop sleeve (who knew?)
  12. How much of what types of food to serve at a party
    serve at dinner party
  13. How to tie a bow tie
    bow tie
  14. Converting measurements in cooking
    cooking measurements
  15. How to determine the characters for that epic novel (we’re all writing)
    epic tale
  16. Determine which glue for a project
  17. When to throw groceries out
  18. How long to cooke veggies
  19. How dehydrated are you?
  20. How to be a creative person
  21. Determine which wine to drink with dinner (um, for me the answer is always beer!  😉


If there’s something strange in the neighborhood…

…who you gonna call, “Ghostbusters”!

Ghostbusters is a 1984 American science fantasy comedy film directed and produced by Ivan Reitman and written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. It stars Bill Murray, Aykroyd, and Ramis as three eccentric parapsychologists in New York City who start a ghost-catching business.


30 years ago (am I that old!) the Ghostbusters premiered.  This day, November 5, 2014,
they reunited for an Entertainment Weekly Cover Shoot and a clip on the “Today” Show.

Ghostbusters Reunite


and if you need to relive the music made famous by Ray Parker, Jr., the You Tube Video is here!

So where were you in the 80s when this iconic movie came out?  What memories does it hold?

… as an added bonus thrown into the mix @KevinSpacey doing Bill Clinton talking on @FallonTonight

Perennial Favorites: Don’t Undermine Your Comment with a Plug

Great info if you’re a newbie to blogging as I am.

The Daily Post

Learning a bit about and practicing good commenting etiquette will help you become a thoughtful member of the community. Get the skinny on commenting dos and don’ts from Michelle, in this fun post from our archives.

We talk a lot about commenting — why it’s important, what makes a good comment, how to moderate a vibrant comments section.

There’s one surefire way to get your comment ignored or worse, deleted: leaving a shameless plug. If you’re going to take the time to visit others’ blogs and press the “comment” button, avoid this basic mistake.

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