Into the deep – exploring writing, blogging, branding …

links to inspiring and informational sites for
overcoming writer’s block, finding inspiration; writing software and apps and online presence and personal branding. – Inspiration for Writers – 11 cool sites
 – How to overcome writer’s block – 14 tricks that work by Jeff Goins

Ommwriter Dana
– Writing environment for Mac, PC, IPad

– Notegraphy is a completely new experience of writing and sharing text in your social networks.

Wikihow – Freewrite
 – This exercise is used by writers to gather their thoughts and ideas before they begin a document, with the result being an endless, non-punctuated, and free-flowing paragraph that’ll be immensely helpful in the preliminary writing process. – 68 best blogging tips – Bloggers Checklist 2014 – Be Unforgettable – Personal Brand Strategies  – 3 Habits that Separate Good Writers from Tragic Wannabes


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