Lets see what we get …

This post is an experiment as I have nothing predetermined to say so I”m staring at a blank screen wondering what to write about and I’m hoping the hand of God will just make these fingers nimble and quick to find something profound out of nothing at all.

It’s Thursday, I’m at the laptop and Rob’s watching Roosevelt – an amazing man, I’m only half listening but I’m hearing so many wonderful speeches.  Why am I drawn so greatly to watching the black and white grainy faces in these photos and videos and those honey coated velvet voices – they seem a life time away and yet exactly as we are.  I can only presume it’s because we are all God’s children and that transcends all time, culture and space.  And maybe that’s what’s in my heart and on my mind – how I fit, how do I fit, where do I fit – what is my place, what is yours?  These questions seem minor or large on any given day and I make no claims as to think I have a clue about any of it, but it occurs to me while silently listening to history unfold on TV – that no matter what the question the answer is that we are all humanity and in such, siblings and God’s beloved children and in the end maybe that’s all we need to know.

OK, I don’t know if that was God inspired but there it is.



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