In Thanks and Praise to My Heavenly Father

In your loving arms I find my strength when I am weary of life’s trials, distractions and relentlessness. Bringing me to the cosmic heights of beauty dancing feet upon the floor, head high, fingers curved gracefully sharing meaning to their world as they flutter high and low.

In these blessed moments You lift me, Your wonders lift me as if by a gossamer thread upon which kaleidoscopes of brilliant, prismatic color beam and I can see the world clearly shining through Your eyes – it’s beauty, it’s majesty, it’s potential, it’s height, it’s depth and it’s truth.

Oh my wonderful Father, how but could I not love you with the whole of my heart and soul when you so graciously bestow upon me moments such as these;

I love you with every breath, with every beat.

Though times there is despair, fear, anxiety and worry and this – they bring me down.  The pit is so deep and so close and I dance around it bending poetically to peer inside, it’s tempting to stop the dancer and the dance, to stop the vigilant light – which flickers and wavers ever so slightly this time as if an ominous breath passed briefly through – then Your majesty and once again the sun and the joy and the love; and the music changes and the steps once so heavy and laden move like a pixie prancing with joy for you.

Whenever I am lonely and afraid and once again find myself dancing precariously close to the pit – I pray you save me oh Lord, as you do and fill me with your love so the breath of life may raise me to the highest heights to share my love with You and the world you gave your only Son to.

Praises to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost – in your humble name I pray -Amen



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