e-cigarettes and the lost art of smoking (aka: how do you smoke a flashlight)

So, I went with a friend to check out my first e-cigarette store; her idea.

I smoked for 15 years, started when I was 15 and didn’t quit till after the birth of my daughter, two years after to be exact (can’t say I’m proud of that).  It was a horrible withdrawal process to go through and to be honest I’m not sure I breathe any better now than I did then.  I’ve got allergies and asthma and live in Sacramento – the dust bowl of bad air.

Over the years, on a good day, I’ve been able to enjoy a cigar with my husband and a nice glass of port – such a lovely combination especially with dark chocolate but over the last couple of years my asthma just won’t allow me near anything smokey and I’ve not had the taste of a cigarette in my mouth for almost 20 years.

My girlfriend, God love her, she’s the free spirit that I long to be, decided randomly after we were out for a drink to stop by the new local e-cigarrette store and my God how things have changed.  I’m a purist, I like my whiskey neat, my beer straight from the bottle and my steak hearty with potatoes and I used to love my Marlboro’s or Camels without filters if I was really wanting a rot-gut taste.

E-cigarette’s are a whole new really weird world.  They come in flavors, flavors!  What’s up with that and they’re run by flashlight batteries.   We tasted everything.  I started with give me the plain ole’ tobacco smoke, first time that taste has touched my tongue in 15+ years and I was really nervous – not sure if my addiction (I LOVED smoking) would come back from just the taste, but it didn’t – and the tobacco smoke from the e-cigarette was kind of like wine tasting.  My tobacco had a slight carmel flavor even though it was mild. I felt like each taste deserved some write up in a connoisseur magazine – this has a full bodied fruit forward taste with a vanilla undertone.  All those adjectives for all those wines are so readily available for e-cigarettes.  They had like key lime pie, watermelon, cinnamon, carmel corn, what’s the world coming to – oh, and chocolate, I did try that one and coffee – and all of this from a little mag light looking component with a vile and a tip to smoke from.

So not for me; and so science fiction in my world.   It seems to be the rave these days and my girlfriend bought the whole shebang with the flashlight type power source, crystal tube for inputting whatever flavor you cared to have and four different vials of flavored smokable substances.

I just don’t get it; I’m too old school I supposel (I’m 51) but it sure was a blast to have 30+ vials of flavored misty vapor laid out before us like a smorgasboard  of ice cream flavors.  And, I’m so thankful that my tongue didn’t enjoy the memory lane trip of being covered in a smoke like film coating that even a toothpaste scrub never quite cleans – yea to still not desiring to smoke after a banner day of trying so many random flavors!  And a special thank you to the store owner on Sutter Street who indulged us with trying absolutely everything.

Once small bucket list test passed with flying colors!  No desire to smoke, not tobacco or fruity tasting, mag light lit flavors.  Amen to that!  🙂


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