Night of Winter

Alone, hear the wind howl in the night,
cold hearted world, alone in fright.
Lord!  Hear my prayers, help me within,
I wish to be wise in a world rich with sin.
Thickened by snow, cold and white,
gone from fear in a harsh quite night.

Where to go when all is gone?
Who only knows the sorrow of my lonely song?

What have I left but the promise of sleep
a peaceful one, quite and deep
like the snow that blankets the sweet green grass
so my death shall come to pass.

I’m sorry the loved I leave behind
but only pain fills my mind.

Lost are the things nearest and dearest to me
fear and loneliness are all I can foresee

I will not blame for what I’ve become
for with the Earth and God  I am one.

Please forgive me, I know you tried!
As did others, but I cannot lie
I wish for only peace
and peaceful I shall die.



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