Technology Overdose

It’s hard to imagine that there ever was a time when we didn’t have technology attached to every single thing we do, and I gotta wonder if maybe we weren’t a little better off.

It’s Saturday morning and I was greeted with technologies issues before I even got my morning tea.

We have Directv, which I got because Comcast got so expensive and I wanted the NFL Sunday Ticket; which got too expensive so now we don’t have it, but of course, Directv is giving it away free to new customers – us loyal customers get squat.

Anyway, we’ve got Directv but Comcast cable for our internet and recently we received a bright shiny new modem from Comcast and since then our internet worked like crap, so I called the nice young man at Comcast to help.  Turns out if you have your own router (we’ve got an Apple Airport) you don’t need the router that now comes turned on automatically in the new Comcast modem – so my poor system was confused by the multiple networks and therefore would daily give up and quit; can’t say I blame it!  The nice young man at Comcast disconnected the offending internal router and we were up with our internet running again.   Round one goes to us.

While solving that problem the nice young man, said “you know for $3 more a month, you can get Xfinity Blast to make your internet connection faster AND you can get a free cable box that will allow you to watch both Comcast (including HBO and Showtime – swoon) and Directv”.   Well, OK – so here we are Saturday morning and Rob’s trying to hook the darn thing up; in the mix we’ve got an audio receiver, Directv box, Directv Cinema Connection Kit, Direct TV Power Inserter, Apple TV, DVR and DVD/Blueray player and we’re adding a Comcast cable box – we’re dying here.  We started at 9:30am and it’s now 2pm and we’re dug deeper into the technology hole than before we started, having had the Directv tell me my network password is wrong – it’s not – and then losing color to the TV, we’ve amassed a plethora of random issues on our way to fixing what we “broke” in trying to fix our Directv connection – we finally have succeeded in getting our wireless network to be recognized by our Directv and sadly enough that’s a big win.  Round 2 goes to us.

Next step is trying to complete our original mission of connecting the free Comcast cable box and figuring out what that even gets us – 2:30, still going.  Rob is like permanently horizontal behind the TV console, the good news, we’ve finally vacuumed behind the TV and all the TV equipment.

OK, 2:45pm and he’s got the Comcast box set up and it’s running through it’s start up – fingers crossed… Round 3 goes to technology, error message.

Comcast is scheduled to come by tomorrow … to be continued … we will win the fight.


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