Fantasy Football

So learning is slow and I find that time to complete a brain dump to a blog is actually very difficult.

As I write this blog it’s football Sunday and I’ve joined my first Fantasy Football league this season.  I think it’s fun, maybe.   My Patriots are currently winning (by a lot) so I should be thrilled and I am, however, now there is so much more riding on football games.   My Fantasy League is winning at the moment and much of that is due to my wonderful Patriots (who sucked last week falling to the Dolphins, really?)  but my opponents teams, many of them have yet to even start their games.   So by the time we hit this evening, I’ll be biting my nails (when I should be basking in the glow) hoping his teams do not catch mine – is this good?  what did I sign up for?  So, the jury is out on Fantasy Football for me – I’m obsessive and this new deviation from reality has got obsession written all over it!



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